JAL or Jal can mean the following:

Japan Airlines, ICAO airline designator: JAL
El Lencero Airport in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico (IATA code: JAL)


JAL (compiler) : Just Another Language, a compiler for the PIC microcontroller
jal, mnemonic for jump and link in MIPS assembly language


The state of Jalisco in México
Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi, theosophist and founder of New Acropolis movement
Jal, New Mexico, a town in New Mexico, USA
Jal-e Akhund Mahalleh, Iran
Jal-e Chala Sar, Iran
Jal, Oman


Jal (band), a Pakistani music band
Jal Fazer, a character in the British TV series Skins
an episode of the British TV series Skins
Cyclone Jal, a storm that hit South India during November 2010
Jal (film), a 2014 Hindi film